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    South Korea Ambassador to China LU Yingmin visits RUC
    (2018-04-30 16:04:08)

    On the afternoon of April 19th,?South Korea Ambassador to China?LU Yingmin visited Renmin University and met with RUC President LIU Wei and delegation. They were accompanied by Minister Counselor JIANG Xiangxu, Education Officer PU Xiangxin, Assistant Officer to Ambassador QUAN Tai Han, Administrative Officer JIN Yong, and first-class clerk JIN Xiaying.

    LIU Wei warmly welcomed Ambassador Lu Yingmin and his delegation, and began with introducing the concept of the establishment of “double first-class” disciplines in Renmin University, and the current situation of Korean students studying abroad.

    LU Yingmin spoke highly of Renmin University’s mission, quality of education and potential for development. Both sides discussed topics such as China-South Korea relations, the situation on the peninsula and higher education.

    YANG Guangbin, Dean of the Institute of International Relations, LI Zhenshi, Deputy Director of the International Exchange Division, CHENG Xiaohe, Professor of International Relations, and DING Xiangshun, Professor of the University of Law, attended the meeting.

    After the meeting, LU Yingmin delivered a speech regarding building a peaceful and prosperous China-South Korea relationship. He believes that with the opportunity of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the situation on the peninsula will improve vastly. Regarding the North Korean nuclear issue, South Korea holds the same position as China and believes that the issue should be resolved through peaceful negotiations. ?Yingmin quoted the words of General Secretary XI Jinping of “the melting of ice and coming of a warm spring” to describe the current Sino-Korean relations, and placed high hopes on the economic, political and cultural exchanges between China and South Korea. He believes that China and South Korea should work together to build a better international relationship. After the meeting, LU Yingmin shared some of his personal experiences and understanding of Chinese culture.

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