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    Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence Puts on a “Standing On Top-The Youth Speak” Discussion Event with RUC and CMU
    (2020-01-07 11:01:26)

    On January 1st, Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence put on the first “Standing on Top-The Youth Speak” Discussion Event with RUC and CMU in Renmin University of China’s No. 4 public teaching building. RUC assistant professor, PhD student mentor, Jin Qin, hosted the event, and two of Jin Qin’s PhD students, Chen Shizhe from RUC and Liang Junwei from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), gave speeches on their research results. After their speeches they had a close discussion on learning experience and the future of artificial intelligence with over 30 students from different universities.

    Chen Shiwei gave a speech on “Closing the Loop Between Visual and Language”, and shared his results in visual and natural language and also shared his recent and future plans for development research.

    Liang Junwei gave a speech on “Calculator Sight Research in Videos”, and introduced his current research on peoples future predictions in videos.

    After the two speeches, three special guests had a discussion and interacted with the audience. The teachers and students discussed research topics, PhD learning, artificial intelligence research and VR. Liang Junwei and Chen Shizhe encouraged students to research, talk with their teachers, be true to your research and do on field research.

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