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    Renmin University of China 2019 Foreign Affairs Conference was Held
    (2020-01-13 14:01:24)

    On the afternoon of January 8th, Renmin University of China 2019 Foreign Affairs Conference was held, and Vice-President Du Peng hosted the conference.

    International Office, Academic Affairs Office, and Office of Research gave reports on the 2019 foreign affairs situation, the internationalization of training talents, and the internationalization of research studies.

    The Director of International Office, Shi Yanan, gave a 2019 summary report on world friendship relations, Confucius Institute establishment ability, international student affairs, students studying abroad affairs, Sino-foreign cooperative education. Shi Yanan also discussed and analyzed the problems with international cooperation exchanges. The Director of Academic Affairs Office, Long Yonghong, gave a 2019 report on raising teachers salaries, conducting satisfaction ratings, providing refined services, and broadening the range of accepted students. Long Yonghong also introduced the 2020 international summer school plans and improving the choosing of students for undergraduate foreign exchange programs. The Director of Office of Research, Liu Jinlong, gave a report on the expanding of international cooperation research, the urge for departments to use the research internationalization platform, and to raise the internationalization of departments research.

    The conference also gave honorable awards to the 2019 foreign affairs most advanced person, most advanced group and also gave a special contribution award.RUC President, Liu Wei, congratulated the award winners and gave them their awards, he also thanked them for their hard work in foreign affairs. Liu Wei also said, there have been many breakthroughs this year. The School of Law, the International School, the Silk Road School have special and competitive programs which will continue to show a brand effect. The School of Marxism has Chinese characteristics which can tell China’s story. Schools and departments from around the whole university have their own important direction, positive challenges, and work hard to create more and new foreign affair opportunities.

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