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    A Delegation from The University of Saint Joseph in Macau visits Renmin University of China
    (2020-01-15 09:01:46)

    On January 13, the University of Saint Joseph in Macau President, Peter Stilwell, lead a delegation to visit Renmin University of China. RUC’s Vice President, Du peng, met with the delegation.

    Du Peng welcomed Peter Stilwell and the delegation to RUC, and introduced RUC’s special academic curriculum, the universities construction, RUC’s international cooperation, students studying abroad, international short semesters and other aspects of RUC in detail. Du Peng then talked about the close relationship RUC has with University of Saint Joseph. RUC’s School of Literature, Christianity Research Center has had much close cooperation with the University of Saint Joseph, and he hopes that with this visit from the delegation Will strengthen the cooperation between the two universities in many different fields. They also hope through this exchange there will be more academic cooperation with the RUC and Portuguese National Universities.

    Peter Stilwell thanked RUC for being such a great host, and expressed University of Saint Joseph is a young school, is very big on internationalization, and 1/3 of the student population is international students. Both universities are very similar in their curriculums, and he hopes to have more cooperation, create more exchanges between the two universities, and let students understand more about mainland china, and strengthen the cooperation between the two universities and Portuguese National Universities.

    Both universities discussed future cooperation in the fields of social studies, archival research and other fields of study.

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