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    Renmin University of China Signs a Cooperation Agreement with The French Embassy in China
    (2020-01-16 17:01:56)

    On the evening of January 13, Renmin University of China signed a cooperation agreement,a “Letter of intent for cooperation scholarship between French government and Chinese universities”, with the French Embassy in China. The French Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department Minister,Frédéric Vidal, French Ambassador to China, Laurent Bili, and RUC Vice-President, Zhu Xinkai all attended the signing ceremony.

    Frédéric Vidal welcomed Zhu Xingai to the French Embassy in China, and spoke on how they have a long history of cooperation in talent training and academics, and thanked and expressed his support to RUC and all the great achievements it has helped make for the cooperation with French universities.

    French ambassador to China, Laurent Bili, had great things to say about the Sino-French Institute of RUC and its achievements. He pointed out, the Sino-French Institute of RUC is a great role model for the joint academic establishments founded by China and France.

    Zhu Xinkai expressed the Sino-French Institute of RUC is training a high-quality talents school, and has raised RUC’s important platform international influence, the Sino-French Institute of RUC could not continue on without the help of the French government, Chinese government and all of their great support, help and cooperation.

    Both China and France also expressed, with the frame of the “Chinese French Relation Movement Plan”, RUC has positively planed to establish a Ningxia International School in order to offer more high level cooperation opportunities for China’s western region, and in order to help and support the western regions economic development.

    Zhu Xinkai and Laurent Bili represented RUC and The French Embassy in China and signed “Letter of intent for cooperation scholarship between French government and Chinese universities”. Within the framework of the French government and Chinese university scholarship letter of content, the French government scholarship will be an addition to the Chinese scholarship, where the French Embassy in China will provide living, insurance, and other study abroad convenience policies for masters and PhD students in France. This ?cooperation agreement letter of content also represented Beijing Normal University, University of Science and Technology of China, and Shanghai Jiaotong University.

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