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    The 2nd “Standing On Top-The Youth Speak” Academic Report in RUC
    (2020-01-17 11:01:32)

    On January 15th, The Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence put on the 2nd “Standing On Top-The Youth Speak” Academic Report in RUC’s Teaching Building No.4. The event was hosted by the Vice-President of Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence, Dou Zhicheng, and the Chinese Academy of Science Computing Technology Institute researcher, Guo Jiafeng, gave a report on “Towards Intelligent Search Systems: from Relevance to Robustness”. He then had a discussion with the audience, and discussed information search field methods question and answer frontier dynamics.

    Guo Jiafeng has been doing basic research on information searching and data collecting for a long time, his research fields include user inquiry understanding, ordered learning, textual modeling, deep learning searches and more. Guo Jiafeng then gave a report on “Towards Intelligent Search Systems: from Relevance to Robustnesse”, and showed his results in the field of information searching. With the development of artificial intelligence information search systems, information searching methods are surpassing traditional file ordering, and they hope to give users a more exact and accurate answer.

    The report gave a detailed introduction of the research teams recent search style question answer on robustness discovery work. After the speech, the honored guest speakers had an interactive discussion with the audience, the teachers and students had a question and answer on searching techniques, related research, the robustness of calculations, and they had a deep discussion on important questions on the information search field.

    This event is the Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence open class program’s “Standing On Top-The Youth Speak” 2nd academic meeting. The Gaoling School of Artificial Intelligence’s two programs, “Standing On Top-The Teachers Speak” and “Standing On Top-The Youth Speak” , invites top experts, entrepreneur leaders and outstanding young students in the field of artificial intelligence from all around the world to bring new strengths, and give open classes in this field.

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