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    School of Philosophy
    The School of Philosophy, Renmin University of China was founded in 2005. Its predecessor was Department of Philosophy which was founded in 1956. It is one of the largest centers for philosophy in the world and one of the strongest in China, with an international reputation for excellence in both teaching and research. At present, the faculty consists of 75 members, including 41 full professors, covering a vast range of subjects within philosophy. The present dean is Professor Hao Lixin, concurrently the Assistant President of Renmin University.
    School of Literary Studies
    School of History
    As a study of the past, history allows us to extend vastly our natural memory into the remote past, to benefit from the experience, not only of our own lifetimes, but of humankind as a whole. It forms the basic of human wisdom and knowledge.
    School of Guoxue(Chinese Classics)
    School of Arts
    School of Arts (SA) is a key part of Renmin University of China. Over the past ten years, school of Arts has exceeded expectations in a wide range of art disciplines. The primary goal of SA is to combine the best from Western and Chinese arts, integrating and building on China’s artistic heritage. Following the innovative spirit of Xu Beihong, who had profound love for his country and people, students assimilate different forms of art, past and present, from all over the world so that they can build a broad academic and artistic foundation.
    School of Foreign languages
    Renmin University of China (aka The People’s University of China) is one of the nation’s pre-eminent comprehensive universities, and its strengths lie mainly in the area of social sciences and humanities. However, in accordance with its status as a research-orientated university, RUC also embraces disciplines in the area of natural sciences. RUC is also one of the tertiary institutions that receive major funding through both National Project 211 and National Project 985.
    The institute of Qing History

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